Leo Series




The Leo series is a reimagining of the iconic guitars designed by Leo Fender in the early 1950s. A distinct tribute rather than a re-creation, the goal was to design something that looks and feels truly unique whilst retaining an air of familiarity.

The LEO is for anyone who loves those classic F-style designs but would prefer them in a package that is slightly less traditional and more unique. Whilst those iconic guitars have stood the test of time, there is no denying they have certain drawbacks within their designs – the LEO was created in an effort to remedy those made design niggles, and wrap the into something fresh and unique built to last a lifetime without the need for modifications or idiosyncratic repairs.

The four flagship models within the Leo line – T, JM, S and TL – take inspiration from most prominent F-style guitars. 

The LEO was born not only from a desire to create a unique take on these classic designs, but also from the perspective of 10 years of experience repairing and modifying countless F-style guitars. Through this time it has become most evident which elements of the designs can be improved upon. Each having a unique feature set.


The Leo’s neck joint was designed more like a ‘set neck’ joint than a traditional ‘bolt on’ with a neck tenon which extends well beyond the end of the fretboard beneath the neck pickup and an extra deep heel. This added mass makes for an extremely solid neck-body fit and the most solid connection in the area it matters most. This extended neck joint design also allows a full 18 frets clear of the body, two more than a traditional bolt-on neck guitar.


All Conway guitars feature a 10 degree angled headstock, and the Leo is no exception. What we feel is the optimal angle to provide just enough downforce to avoid the use of string trees, but not too much to negatively increase tuning stability or string tension. ‘Straight through’ string paths ensure optimal tuning stability in conjunction with the highest quality bone nuts. The additional of 2mm Rock Maple headplate further increases headstock stability. Gotoh tuners also come standard on all Leo models.


Built for comfort. Not only does Leo’s slightly offset body shape feel comfortable whether standard or sitting, every Leo features built in creature comforts to further improve the playing experience. Sculpted heel for better access and extra comfort when reaching those higher frets, hand rolled fretboard edge and fretends, and optional arm and belly contours. These things make each Leo feel like a well played in instrument from the first touch that you could sit and play for hours.


A unique neck joint also needs a unique neck plate to match. Each Leo features a custom made 5-bolt neck plate made from solid 3mm thick aluminum, fully recessed for comfort. Not just functional, this neck plate is as much a part of the aesthetic design as any other element of the guitar. Five 316 stainless steel neck screws as standard ensure an extremely solid fit.


Direct body mounted controls. Ergonomically placed close enough for easy quick access, but not too close to get in the way! Master volume and two tone controls as standard. Premium quality electronic components. CTS pots, CRL / Schaller / Switchcraft switches, Neutrik jack, and optional NOS Paper in oil capacitors. All Conway guitars also feature treble bleed circuits as standard. Electro socket jack cup as standard. Recessed and lower-bout mounted


Nothing to hide here! Clear/transparent rear covers as standard so you can see exactly whats going on inside your Leo! Flush mount string ferrules are also standard on hardtail models.


Minimal finish, maximum tone. Our standard Leo finish is a thin-skin, open-pore low-sheen Pre-Catalyzed lacquer to give them their distinct and signature look and feel. Other finishes available upon request, all of which are painstakingly applied to be as thin as possible while still protecting the timber beneath.


Pickguard shapes unique to each model are hand-cut in the material of your choosing. 4mm fretboard markers as standard. Mother of pearl for Rosewood/Ebony boards, Black Mother for pearl for Maple boards. Other inlays available on request. Highest quality Jescar Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel fretwire. Premium hardware such as Gotoh bridges, Kluson knobs and Highwood saddles.


All timbers are hand selected for each and every Leo. Bodies are chosen for weight, resonance and tone based on your desired tonal preferences. All necks are quartersawn as standard with strength and stability of the highest priority. Fretboards are chosen for hardness and resonance, and are also quartersawn as standard.


As standard The Leo series are fitted with Madlove pickups, handmade in Melbourne, Australia. With no shortage of amazing pickup builders out there, finding the right one can be tricky. Madlove make some of the best sounding pickups I have ever heard, and they are a small one-man shop just like me, so was a no brainer!