At its heart, Antilles is a vintage inspired flat-top electric guitar. Designed with echoes of ‘catalogue’ guitars of the 50’s and 60’s with its humble, single-cutaway shape and hollow/semi-hollow body design.

Antilles comes in three variations of ‘semi-hollow / hollow-body’ construction.

The first is a standard ‘thinline’ style semi-hollow where the internal chambers are routed from a solid blank of timber.

The second is a standard semi-hollow style with formed ‘rim’ sides and a separate top and back with a centre block.

The last is a fully hollow construction with formed ‘rim’ sides, separate top and back and a braced top without a centre block.

Each option providing their own unique tonal footprint.

What makes Antilles so special is its ‘open plan’ design that is fully customisable in every aspect – nothing is ‘standard’. Pickups, scale length, pickguard, hardware, inlays, timbers are all open to what your imagination can dream up!


All Conway guitars – Antilles included – feature a 10-degree angled headstock. This is the optimal angle to provide just enough downforce to avoid the use of string trees, but not too much to negatively increase tuning stability or string tension.

The highest quality bone nuts are chosen for optimal tone.
The addition of 2mm hardwood headplate (ebony as standard ) further increases headstock stability.


Extra long neck tenon and an extra deep heel for added mass in the area it matters most.

This extra-large neck joint allows for an extremely solid neck-body fit and solid connection which aids in increased sustain.


Mother of Pearl inlays, premium hardware such as Gotoh and Schaller bridge and tuners, highest quality Jescar Nickel Silver or Stainless Steel fretwire.


Hand rolled fretboard edge and fret ends for the ultimate worn-in feel straight out of the box.


Minimal finish, maximum tone. Our standard finish is a thin-skin, low-sheen pre-Catalyzed lacquer that provides their signature look and feel.

Other finishes are available upon request, all of which are painstakingly applied to be as thin as possible while still protecting the timber beneath.


All timbers are hand selected for every Antilles.

Bodies are chosen for weight, resonance and tone based on your desired tonal preferences.
All necks are quartersawn as standard with strength and stability of the highest priority.
Fretboards are chosen for hardness and resonance, and are also quartersawn as standard.